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Ordering your Shakedown


shake·down   (shkdoun) n.

1. Slang A thorough search of a place or person.

2. A period of appraisal followed by adjustments to improve efficiency or functioning.



Full Shakedown Reading £70

(In depth clairvoyant reading with follow up included)

You can ask questions if you want to. There's a box for "comments" on the 2nd purchase screen just below where you enter your name and address details. You can write anything you want there, or you can leave it blank. It won't affect the quality of my work for you.


I spend about 2 hours giving a full Shakedown Reading. With it in your hands, you can re-read it anytime and re-experience the lovely feeling of being understood, known, inspired and at peace all over again.


People tell me they see different things and deeper meanings every time they re read it.

I give a minimum of approximately 1, 500 words. The longest one I’ve done so far was 5,000 words - sometimes there's a lot to say and I won't stop until it is all said. I am very thorough.


Afterwards, you can ask further questions at no extra cost. I’ll reply to these right away.

You will receive your full Shakedown Reading within 7-10 days of your order. I do have busier periods though, when waits are a little longer. In that case, I'll always let you know.


Just click on the the Pink Elephant on the left here, and we'll do the rest.

Your Shakedown Session will come from the email address... thelighthousepost@yahoo.co.uk To ensure your receipt, add this address to your contact list, especially if you use AOL!


Mini Shakedown Reading £33

Simple answers to simple questions. Sometimes it's just that you want a quick nudge in the right direction, or help with a decision, so you can ask up to 3 questions and I'll give you a simple response totalling about 300 words. You'll get your answers back to you quickly, within 48 hours.

If you decide to order a full Shakedown Reading within 7 days of a Mini, you’ll receive a £20 refund of the full Shakedown Reading price.


click me for a Full Shakedown :)